Corporate Culture
Corporate culture is a socio-economic and ideological context cultivated in the long lasting development of an enterprise that aims to promote and contribute to constant improvement in its management and operations. We advocate a corporate culture of “Pursue Excellence and Overcome Self-esteem”. Pursue Excellence means that both employees and products shall uphold and achieve perfection. Overcome Self-esteem represents a higher pursuance, which means not only to accomplish the set target, but endeavor to maximize one’s potential and challenge it. Corporate culture installation shall include all necessary elements and shall be integrated into and implemented throughout the development of an enterprise

Respect human development and contribute to motherland, build interdependent stakeholdership and share honor and shoulder responsibility.

Uphold the assertive, persevering and striving character traits of Chinese Banyan Tree (Ficus Microcarpa) that grows relentlessly and vigorously even in rock cliff clearance and lives a long life with extensive crown and branches and devotes its life to the people and the society.

Advocate loyalty and trust, care and love, harmony and dedication, i.e. to be loyal to the motherland and the people, loyal to employer and career, loyal to marriage and family, caring for parents and seniors, respect people and treat others equal, honor credit and keep promise, show mutual respect and care, shoulder responsibility and pursue harmonious co-existence.

Focus on our core products to consolidate our strength and expertise in valvetrain components manufacturing and become Chengdu’s best and China’s Top Three automotive components manufacturer.

Do everything necessary to meet the requirements of customers that are always deemed correct and enhance customer confidence in and satisfaction with our products and create best profits and added value for customers.。

Quality Policy
Uphold the principle of “Quality First, Customer Priority and Persistent Improvement and Perfect Products”.

Talent Strategy
Attach equal importance to both performance and continuing learning and emphasize both guidance and disciplines of talents to evenutally develop elites, employ specialists and aggregate excellent talents.
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