Wang Chengliang, Founder and President, Senior Economist, Former Member of Chengdu Municipal Committee of Occupational Title Assessment.
Graduated from Southwest University of Finance and Economics and majoring in economic management decades ago, Mr. Wang was then assigned to work on the management team of Chengdu General Factory of Internal Combustion Engine (now known as Yunnei Power Holding Ltd.), successively served as production section head, deputy chief economist, and built up in-depth insight and expertise in R & D, management and marketing of engine and parts manufacturing during his 40-year-long dedication to the industry. After retired in 1992, he started up his own engine parts business, Chengdu Tianhui Fittings Co., Ltd., specializing in valvetrain system components. In 2006, he foresaw the right opportunity and made assertive decision to invest millions of RMB to set up new facility in Jinniu High-Tech Industrial Park and accomplished the establishment and smooth operation of Chengdu Tianhui Valve Guide Manufacturing Co., Ltd in January 2008.

Wang Wen, General Manager, Bachelor of Business Management of Southwest University of Agriculture
Since he joined in the management team in 1999, Mr. Wang Jr. has served as Purchasing Manager, Marketing Director, Deputy General Manager and General Manager respectively so far. During his service as Deputy GM from 2001 to 2003, he presented keen insight and creative vision and played a crucial role in gaining access into international (EU & US) markets, and achieved millions dollar record sales for three consecutive years. After succeeding General Manager in 2004, he devised a long-term business development strategy of consolidating strength of foundry, expanding product depth and assuring quality consistency, which sets out clear guidelines for sustainable corporate growth in the long run.

Fan Wanli,Director of Engineering Dept, Deputy Chief Engineer
Graduated from Taiyuan Heavy Mechanical Engineering Institute in 1989, majoring in manufacturing technology and equipment, awarded engineering bachelor degree, Mr. Fan was then assigned to Chengdu Galaxy Power Holding Ltd. and worked as equipment servicing and inspection supervisor at the company’s piston foundry. He was promoted to supervising engineer in February 1992 and was appointed chief engineer of piston machinists’ office in August 2005. In September 2006, he joined in Chengdu Tianhui Fittings Co., Ltd. and has been staying on the post to date, taking full responsibility for R & D and engineering support.
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